Tiny Australian Botanical Treasures

I love creating new artwork and I love it even more when my paintings find their forever homes.

Australian Gumnuts and Gum Blossoms

This small collection of Australian natives was painted during little pockets of time that I managed to find during lockdown in Sydney, the longest ever lockdown we had here.

Banksia on mini canvas

But oh boy, these little treasures, also called “Tiny Australian Botanical Treasures” gave me so much joy and were a treat to paint. Most of them were created alongside my two beautiful kids in our backyard where I had set up a portable craft table to get us through the lockdown.

Bottlebrush on mini canvas

These beauties are available in my Etsy shop and would be the perfect gift for anyone who loves Australian native flora.

Blueberries and Wattles, still life on mini canvas
Tiny Australian Botanical Treasures

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  1. […] three artworks were created during the same time as my “Tiny Australian Botanical Treasures” and are available in my Etsy […]


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